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Glam Rock is proud to introduce AROUND THE TIME. Made up of clean curves and retro silhouettes, collection styles are offered in 3 different versions and one size.

34 mm dials come ready with bright whitecolor faces and soft leathers straps. For those new to the Glam Rock brand, 34mm dials give for a more elegant look with a petite allure, 34 mm dials are offered for those who prefer a more delicate timepiece.

An innovative tonneau shape is available for both men and ladies as well as a fresh oval shape for the ladies.

Staying true to its glitz and glam soul, all styles are available with diamonds, adding a contemporary aura to the entire collection.

Around the Time appeals to those wanting a more innovative look without having to give up the boldness and excitement that Glam Rock designs continuously offer.

Glam Rock Press Release - Around the Time.