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P. O. Box 630005
Miami, FL 33165-0005 USA
T. + 3059355801
[email protected]

We do not ship internationally at this time. You must have a US shipping and billing address for any orders placed through our web-site.
The majority of Glam Rock timepieces are 10 ATM (100M) water resistant. The construction is a screw-down caseback and/or 6-screw caseback. In order to maintain the original pressure for water resistance, it is recommended that you do not attempt to change the timepiece battery yourself. Doing so or going to an unauthorized watch dealer may reduce your water resistance and void your warranty. It is recommended to have your battery changed by and Authorized Dealer or send your timepiece to our Customer Service.
On the back of the watch, right hand side of the case back you will see the name of the collection your watch belongs to, it will be one of the following:
  1. SOBE
  3. MIAMI

The following sizes use the respective strap sizes

  1. 40mm = 22mm
  2. 42mm = 22mm
  3. 44mm = 22mm
  4. 46mm = 26mm
  5. 50mm = 26mm
  6. 58mm = 26mm
The following collections use the respective case cover size:
  1. SOBE = 44mm
  2. AQUAROCK = 42mm
  3. MIAMI = 46mm
  4. MIAMI BEACH = 40mm or 46mm
  5. SUMMER TIME = 40mm or 46mm
  6. PALM BEACH = 40mm
  7. SMALTO = 40mm or 46mm
  8. RACETRACK = 50mm
  9. SOBE-TECH = 50mm
  10. GULFSTREAM = 58mm
All single straps ordered ship with the signature Glam Rock buckle in stainless steel. If you require a different colored buckle, please select it at the time of checkout.
  1. Single Time Watch: this model will have 3 hands on the dial for hour, minute and second. On the right hand side of the case there will only be one Crown for adjusting the time.
  2. Chronograph Watch: this model will have 3 hands on the dial for hour, minute and center stop-second. It will also have 3 sub dials on the face of the watch. On the right hand side of the case there will be one Crown for adjusting the time with 2 additional pushers for the chronograph functionality. Determining which model you have is imperative when ordering additional case covers.
All Glam Rock metal bands are solid stainless steel. They are adjustable by removing links on either side of the clasp. The links are held together with a pressure pin that can be removed with the correct tools. Please note that each additional link adds approximately 1 inch to the watchband. If you request additional links please contact us at [email protected]
Please refer to our Customer Care section of the web-site.

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